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Monday, October 23, 2017
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"Praying Our Way Forward"
September 10-16, the Alabama-West Florida Conference observed a week of "Praying Our Way Forward." It began with a prayer from Bishop David Graves posted at Throughout the week district superintendents of the AWF Conference offered prayers. These were posted at Below is the prayer by Pensacola District Superintendent Tim Trent:
(AWFC-UMC, Tim Trent) - O God, you have promised that if with all our hearts we truly seek you, we shall ever surely find you. With all our hearts, we seek you now even as we know you are seeking us. We thank you for your goodness to us. May we try more consistently to deserve it. We thank you for treating us better than we deserve. Help us to treat each other in the same way.
Father, we need your forgiveness. We have done things that we should not have done. We can’t even plead ignorance. We knew what was right and did what we knew was wrong. We need your cleansing.
Deeds unkind, words untrue, thoughts unclean: the stain of these is on us all. When we contrast our moral shabbiness with your holiness, Father, we are ashamed. Create in us a clean heart and mind. What in us is dark, illumine; what is low, raise and support.
Father, we need your peace; that peace that passes all understanding. In a troubled, strife-torn world we need that peace that the world cannot bestow. We know that all peace comes from you. We also know that there can be no peace in the world or the church until there is first peace in each of us. May your peace enfold us, calm, compose, and quiet us as we continually seek your presence.
O God, grant that in our hearts there may be no bitterness toward anyone, and help us remember that we cannot be at one with you if we are not one with our fellowman. Take from us the critical and fault-finding spirit, so that we may really be your church. Give to us the spirit of love, forgiveness, acceptance, welcoming and encouragement, so that your great church will be a true representation of your spirit.
O God, open our eyes that we may see. Open our minds that we may think. Open our ears that we may hear. Open our mouths that we may speak of your great love, peace and forgiveness. Open our hearts that we my love. Open our hands that we may serve and embrace one another in acceptance and thanksgiving.
We ask these and all things in the strong and mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Pensacola District Superintendent

The Pensacola District is one of eight districts comprising the Alabama-West Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church. True to biblical mandate and denominational priority, we are committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ; discipling residents, tourists, and snowbirds alike; establishing new congregations; and nurturing existing ones.
God, shield us from the temptation to accept the world as it is.
May we instead live into our calling to be holy and salt of the earth.
We are here to tell the world about Jesus Christ,
to advance the Kingdom of God.
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