The Pensacola District of The United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Here for You - Serving Jesus
  Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference       


  June 12-15, 2016
  at Frazer Memorial United Methodist
  Montgomery, Alabama

Members of the AWF Annual Conference from the Pensacola District
A Note to Local Church Pastors and Administrative Assistants:
Local church clergy delegation is based upon what clergy have been appointed and are in place at the church January 1st. If laity going to Annual Conference as delegate(s) for your church does not match what is listed below, inform the district office ASAP. If the replacement is not in the AWFC database, please provide contact info. This will help us distribute the Brochure of Reports and can help things flow more smoothly at the Annual Conference registration table, as we will know who to expect and can have a name tag ready for everyone. The name tags are color coded for voting purposes. 
Type of Delegate
(SP = Senior Pastor)
Aldersgate/Cottage Hill Clergy - SP Jimmy Cook
Aldersgate/Cottage Hill Laity Sherry Wiscombe
Allen Memorial Clergy - SP Michael Cobb
Allen Memorial Laity Candace McKim
Annie Jones Clergy - SP Lee Bateman
Annie Jones Laity Thomas McGinty
Bagdad Clergy - SP Clive Knights
Bagdad Laity Julia Cassady
Baker Clergy - SP J.J. McDaniel
Baker Laity [No lay member]  
Bellview Clergy - SP Nancy Hammond
Bellview Laity Hank Holland
Byrneville Clergy - SP Chris Hawkins
Byrneville Laity Christine Reid
Century Clergy - SP Janet Lee
Century Laity Rissie McNeel
Christ/Pineview Clergy - SP Ronnie Bearden
Christ/Pineview Laity Lois Hudon
Chumuckla Community Clergy - SP Tom Sharron
Chumuckla Community Laity Anita Sharron
Clear Springs Clergy - SP John Edwards
Clear Springs Laity John E. (Buddy) Barnett
Cokesbury Clergy - SP Paul Wolfe
Cokesbury Clergy Ashley Meyer
Cokesbury Laity Joyce Blackwelder
Cokesbury Laity Jordyn Faller
Crestview Clergy - SP Michael Precht
Crestview Clergy Samantha Lewis
Crestview Laity Doug Norman
Crestview Laity Faye Norman
Crosspoint Clergy - SP Rurel Ausley
Crosspoint Clergy Lisa Ausley
Crosspoint Clergy Jeffrey Burnett
Crosspoint Clergy Herstel Carter
Crosspoint Clergy Brice Early
Crosspoint Clergy Tyler Fuller
Crosspoint Clergy Greg McKinnon
Crosspoint Clergy Jeremy Smith
Crosspoint Clergy Elizabeth Sullivan
Crosspoint Clergy Lew Wilder
Crosspoint Laity Phillip Coty
Crosspoint Laity Judy Huff
Crosspoint Laity Beth Norton
Crosspoint Laity Clark Norton
Crosspoint Laity Pat Peterson
Crosspoint Laity Pete Peterson
Crosspoint Laity Billy Russell
Crosspoint Laity Becky Spence
Crosspoint Laity Ferrol Spence
Crosspoint Laity Barbara Wilder
Destin Clergy - SP Barry Carpenter
Destin Laity Vic Mann
Ensley Clergy - SP Gina Bryan
Ensley Laity Wynell Gunter
Farm Hill Clergy - SP Joe Hensel
Farm Hill Laity Cheryl Linholm
Ferry Pass Clergy - SP
Ferry Pass Laity Alex Dumas
Ft. Walton Beach First Clergy - SP David Barkalow
Ft. Walton Beach First Laity Greg Goodman
Gadsden Street Clergy - SP Bobby Ellisor
Gadsden Street Laity Pat Dodge
Gonzalez Clergy - SP Michael Ramsey
Gonzalez Laity David Cook
Gulf Breeze Clergy - SP Lester Spencer
Gulf Breeze Clergy Joe Driver
Gulf Breeze Clergy Ruth Knights
Gulf Breeze Clergy Janeese Spencer
Gulf Breeze Clergy Scott Veroneau
Gulf Breeze Clergy Shawn York
Gulf Breeze Laity Betty Corcoran
Gulf Breeze Laity Erik Nilssen
Gulf Breeze Laity Adam Purdy
Gulf Breeze Laity Beth Saier
Gulf Breeze Laity Claire Windham
Gulf Breeze Laity Dan Windham
Jay Clergy - SP Ebb Hagan
Jay Laity Chris Davis
Lathram Chapel Clergy - SP Pamela Avery
Lathram Chapel Laity Mona Baker
Lillian Clergy - SP Daniel Randall
Lillian Laity Dick Erwin
Mae Edwards Clergy - SP Byrd Mapoles
Mae Edwards Laity Paula Lou Mapoles
Mary Esther Clergy - SP Jeff Spicer
Mary Esther Clergy Mike Owenby
Mary Esther Laity Ruth Cullen
Mary Esther Laity Carol Noe
McDavid Clergy - SP Ted Johnson
McDavid Laity Marcus Hughes
Milton First Clergy - SP Kathy Knight
Milton First Laity Rob Young
Mt. Carmel Clergy - SP Brian Pullin
Mt. Carmel Laity Donald Hendricks
Myrtle Grove Clergy - SP Riley Richardson
Myrtle Grove Laity Beth Herndon
Navarre Clergy - SP Alan Cassady
Navarre Clergy Faith Parry
Navarre Laity Ed Bush
Navarre Laity Jim Bynum
New Bethel Clergy - SP Gary Jones
New Bethel Laity Pam Jones
New Hope Clergy - SP Lee Bateman
New Hope Laity Lucinda Bateman
Pace First Clergy - SP David Hoppenjan
Pace First Laity John Swank
Pensacola First Clergy - SP Wesley Wachob
Pensacola First Clergy Rick Branch
Pensacola First Clergy Scott Grantland
Pensacola First Laity Jerry Maygarden
Pensacola First Laity Rhonda Maygarden
Pensacola First Laity Ron Tew
Perdido Bay Clergy - SP Darren McClellan
Perdido Bay Clergy Levi Gardner
Perdido Bay Laity Jim Hamilton
Perdido Bay Laity Amy Whitwell
Pine Forest Clergy - SP Andy Blackmon
Pine Forest Laity Terry Lee Smith
Richards Memorial Clergy - SP Robin Noble
Richards Memorial Laity Stanley Donaway
Shalimar Clergy - SP Philip McVay
Shalimar Clergy Brian Dale
Shalimar Clergy Jonathan Hart
Shalimar Laity Pat Gross
Shalimar Laity Bill McBroom
Shalimar Laity
St. Luke Clergy - SP Larry Anderson
St. Luke Clergy Don Abrams
St. Luke Laity Barrie Rommes
St. Luke Laity Pat Rommes
St. Mark-Pensacola Clergy - SP Laura Weant
St. Mark-Pensacola Clergy Nancy Hart
St. Mark-Pensacola Laity Betsy Bowers
St. Mark-Pensacola Laity Lynn Smith
St. Paul-Gulf Breeze Clergy - SP Lance Whorton
St. Paul-Gulf Breeze Laity David Bedell
St. Paul-Pensacola Clergy - SP Malcolm Franklin
St. Paul-Pensacola Laity Rachael Harris
Trinity UMC Clergy - SP Sterling Boykin
Trinity UMC Clergy Christina Shaver
Trinity UMC Clergy Paula Roane
Trinity UMC Laity Barry Ratcliffe
Trinity UMC Laity Angela Toole
Trinity UMC Laity Ron Toole
Warrington Clergy - SP Bob Bailey
Warrington Laity Judy Bailey
Wesley Memorial Clergy - SP Mark Dees
Wesley Memorial Laity Gary Fulk
Woodbine Clergy - SP Jimmy Allen
Woodbine Laity Brenda Lewis 
Delegates from the Pensacola District At Large
Lay Leader Beverly Maddox (Clear Springs UMC)
UMM President  Arthur Frazier (Christ UMC, Milton)
UMW President Joan Simmons (Gulf Breeze UMC)
Young Adult Member (age 18-30)
Youth Member (age 12-17)
Waylon Perry (Clear Springs UMC)
Youth Page (Non-member of AC, age 12-17)
Youth Page (Non-member of AC, age 12-17)
  An asterisk (*) is beside the names of those who have confirmed that they will be an At Large Member for the 2016 AWF Annual Conference. We have been notified that 11 will be needed from our district.
Member At Large Jim Brantley (Shalimar UMC) *
Member At Large Pat Brantley (Shalimar UMC) *
Member At Large Isabel Carter (Crosspoint UMC) *
Member At Large Ben Drennan (Perdido Bay UMC) *
Member At Large
Jim Hammond (Bellview UMC) *
Member At Large Louise O'Bannon (St. Paul UMC-Pensacola) *
Member At Large Julie Terrell (Cokesbury UMC) *
Member At Large Wayne Walker (Crosspoint UMC) *
Member At Large Linda Wentworth (Bellview UMC) *
Member At Large Shirley Wentworth (Bellview UMC) *
Member At Large Jim Young (Trinity UMC) *
Tellers - Team A
Rev. David Hoppenjan (Pace First UMC)
Louise O'Bannon (St. Paul UMC-Pensacola)
Tellers - Team B
Candace McKim (Allen Memorial UMC)
Rev. Mike Ramsey (Gonzalez UMC)
Teller Alternate - Clergy Rev. Levi Gardner (Perdido Bay UMC)
Teller Alternate - Laity Pam Jones (Crestview: New Bethel UMC)

 Delegates Per Discipline, Standing Rules, Etc.
AWFC Board of Ministry Lay Member Jim Evans (St. Paul UMC-Gulf Breeze)
AWFC Board of Ministry Lay Member Lee Thigpen (Crestview FUMC)
AWFC CORE Team Member Barbara Sadler (Gulf Breeze UMC)
Diaconal Minister (Lay Member) Marjorie Byrd (Myrtle Grove UMC)
Diaconal Minister (Lay Member) Laurel Schmidt (Shalimar UMC)
General Conference Lay Delegate Beverly Maddox (Clear Springs UMC)
Jurisdictional Conference Lay Delegate Gene Floore (Destin UMC)
Jurisdictional Conference Lay Alternate Duane Keck (Trinity UMC)

Annual Conference News, Final Wrap-up, and Bulletin Insert
NOTE:  The 2017 session of the AWF Conference will meet June 4-7 at Frazer Memorial UMC.

Pre-Annual Conference 2016 News
Annual Conference 2016 is quickly approaching! This year's theme is the fourth part of the SEND Model many in the conference have adopted. It is, "The Great Commission: Sending Disciples." We are most appreciative to Dr. Tim Thompson and his staff at Frazer Memorial UMC in Montgomery, AL, for hosting us again this year as well as Dr. Lawson Bryan and his staff at Montgomery FUMC for hosting the ordination and commissioning service. This year we welcome Bishop Gregory Palmer and Dr. Kevin Watson as special guests. We are honored to announce that Robert McMichael and Jarvis Wilson will be leading our music once again. Please note several changes to annual conference.
Annual conference is Sunday, June 12-Wednesday, June 15, 2016. The reservation system is available by clicking here. Use this system only if you or members in your group wish to reserve a meal, volunteer for the Upper Room prayer line, participate in the Biometric Health Screening (persons under the conference health plan), and/or reserve nursery care that is available during a worship service. This system is not registering attendance to annual conference. Attendance is marked and counted at the registration/check-in table inside the host church. On-site registration will open on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.
This year's missional offering is for the Alabama-West Florida Disaster Response & Recovery Ministry. We will joyfully collect this offering at opening worship on Sunday, June 12. A bulletin insert will follow in the coming days.
We are excited to invite choir members from around the conference to participate in thOpening Worship Mass Choir. Choir directors who are interested in bringing members to participate should contact Wayne Sigler at Frazer Memorial UMC. Details about the evening and music selection information may be found here.
Meals will again be served at Frazer Memorial UMC for Monday and Tuesday lunch as well as the Laity Banquet Tuesday evening. Please make a reservation by clicking here if you plan to eat meals on campus or attend the banquet. Traditional group lunches may also choose to have their gatherings on campus and will arrange their own catering.
Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church is offering nursery care for children for the opening worship and memorial services. The Frazer nursery will be open 30 minutes prior to these two services. Montgomery FUMC will provide nursery care for the ordination/commissioning service. Both facilities offer this care for children up to five years of age. There is no charge for nursery care. Child care can be reserved here.
Please note the ordination and commissioning service will be a combined service this year. It will be Monday, June 13, starting at 7:00 p.m. at Montgomery FUMC.
In order to be good stewards of the conference budget, we will again forego printed worship bulletins for several services. Instead, a downloadable "Guide to Annual Conference" pdf will be provided several weeks before annual conference. In it will be worship bulletins, pages that were previously bag inserts and other relevant notes. You may wish to access it on your computer, tablet or phone, or print a hard copy on your own to bring with you. Printed worship bulletins will be provided to family members at the memorial service as a keepsake. The traditional ordination/commissioning service bulletin will be a printed version, as usual. Should you or your agency wish to submit a digital "insert," it must be laid out and submitted no later than April 15. It will go in the "Guide to Annual Conference" behind the agenda and worship bulletins that will be electronically distributed to all clergy and delegates. All inserts must be one page, 8.5 x 11 submitted as a pdf to Please do not submit a brochure repurposed. Digital inserts should be a general overview of your ministry. No late submissions will be accepted. All submissions must be affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
Your Brochure of Reports will be sent to your district office and either distributed at a gathering or picked up by each pastor. Please look for instructions from your district office. It is essential that you review this publication before arriving to annual conference. Should you choose the pdf download option, it is recommended that you download it from the conference Website before arriving at annual conference. [Update:  Click here to download the Brochure of Reports.] As we confirm more cost-effective methods to print/distribute our conference journal, we will provide an updated link with information and instructions for ordering as soon as it is available.
Alabama-West Florida boards and agencies have been given priority for the limited number of available display spots. The deadline for their response is April 15. Other pertinent inquiries may go to to be placed on a waiting list. Should there be openings, our conference registrar will contact you in order of request. Requests must be affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
We are again anticipating a great response to the request for UMCOR relief kits and supplies. We are encouraging local churches and groups to continue to assemble these kits or collect supplies to make up kits. A truck from Coleman American will accept donations in the parking lot at Frazer Memorial UMC. We appreciate any group that is willing to continue this ministry and will gladly accept these donations at annual conference. Click here for more.
As a reminder, we encourage you to prayerfully consider nominating someone for one of our conference awards: The Alice Lee Award, Jane Walker Scholarship Award, Francis Asbury Award, Harry Denman Evangelism Award and the Local Church Heritage Award. Click here for more information.
Blocked rooms, some with special rates for hotels in Montgomery, have been posted. Click here for an updated list.
We look forward to seeing you at annual conference in Montgomery, AL, June 12-June 15, 2016!
 AWFC Director of Communications
 (334) 356-8014 / (888) 873-3127  

Mass Choir for the 2016 AWF Annual Conference
To: Choir Directors and Singers in the AWF Conference
For our opening worship service at the 2016 AWF Annual Conference on the evening of June 12, we would love to again have singers from all over the conference join the Frazer choir to make a mass chorus. It has been a real thrill at past conference services to see a great choir from all of our churches singing together.  If you can bring a group from your church, we will need for you to do the following things....  For Wayne's letter (pdf) please click here. 

Bring UMCOR Relief Kits to Annual Conference
At annual conference in June 2016, we will again collect UMCOR relief kits. UMCOR is especially requesting health kits and school kits. Relief supply kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. UMCOR kits are distributed globally, and help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies. Bring/send your kits to annual conference to the truck in the parking lot at Frazer, and Coleman American will ship the kits and supplies on to the Sager Brown depot in Baldwin, Louisiana. Visit for more details. Click here to see the flier with kit instructions.

Moving Expenses Guideline (2016 Brochure of Reports)

(Posted at AWFC 4/5/2016) - The first Sunday following the adjournment of Annual Conference shall be the last Sunday of pastoral responsibility for each conference year. The official moving day will be Tuesday, June 21, 2016 and may be adjusted according to the needs and concerns worked out in consultation with the clergy persons, the churches and approved by the District Superintendent. 

The entire June salary shall be paid to the pastor by the church from which he/she is moving. In effect 50% of the annual salary will be paid January through June; with the remaining 50% paid by the church receiving a new pastor. Health insurance contributions and/or premiums, as well as any UMPIP payments are to be deducted from the pastor’s compensation for the full month of June, with the receiving church beginning such payments in July.
Upon retirement, disability, termination, or death of a minister serving within the bounds of the Annual Conference and serving a full time appointments under the provisions of Paragraph 333.1 of the 2012 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, the conference shall pay up to $2,500 for documented moving expenses to the first place of retirement, termination, or disability or the first place of dwelling for a surviving spouse. Moving expenses to be reimbursed shall not be incurred prior to retirement or termination notification to the Bishop and will be reimbursed after the move is completed. 
Guidelines for clergy under appointment
1.  Following notification of appointment change by the district superintendent, the Chairperson of the PPRC should contact the minister to be appointed to communicate the church’s policy in paying moving expenses and to discuss moving plans. 
2.  The receiving church is responsible for the first $3,000 of documented moving expenses and is encouraged to pay all documented expenses for the incoming ministerial family.
See also:  

AWFC Episcopal Nominee Lawson Bryan Launches Website 
Dr. Lawson Bryan, the Episcopal nominee from the Alabama-West Florida Conference, has launched his Website, We invite you to share his link as you are able so that the Southeastern Jurisdiction knows what a talented and dedicated leader he is. Join us in prayer for him. 
About Robert Lawson Bryan
Born June 13, 1950 in Quincy, Florida; raised in Dothan, Alabama
Graduated from Dothan High School in 1968
Bachelor of Science, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, cum laude
Master of Divinity, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, cum laude
Doctor of Ministry, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
Married to Sherrill O. Cooper of Thomaston, AL. Their son, Philip, lives in Montgomery and is chief of staff for the president pro-tem of the Alabama State Senate.  On October 10, 2015, Philip and Brittany Woodham were married at First United Methodist Church Montgomery.
Pastoral Appointments:

1975—Associate Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Opelika, AL.
1976—Pastor, Hiland Park United Methodist Church, Panama City, FL.
1980—Pastor, Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL.
1986—Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Brewton, AL.
1990—Pastor, Ashland Place United Methodist Church, Mobile, AL.
1997—Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Dothan, AL.
2007-Current–Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL

"My experience with local churches includes ministering to a divided church, an inner city church, a grieving church, a county seat church, a baby boomer church, and churches whose membership ranges from small to midsize to large." - Lawson Bryan
For more about Dr. Lawson Bryan continue here.

2016 Annual Conference Award Committees Accepting Nominations
(AWF Conference) - Do you know someone in the Alabama-West Florida Conference who has exemplified outstanding leadership? Please prayerfully consider nominating them for the Alice Lee Award, Francis Asbury Award, Harry Denman Evangelism Award, Jane Walker Scholarship, and Local Church Award. More information and nomination packets can be found here. Pictured here is Mrs. Helen Edwards before she accepts the 2015 Alice Lee Award.

Wesley Heirs Annual Conference Luncheon June 13
The Annual Conference Wesley Heirs Luncheon will be held on Monday, June 13, 2016, in Room 6102 at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church.  The luncheon will begin immediately following the Memorial Service, approximately noon.  All retired ministers and spouses are invited to attend. Our meal will be served in the room.  We will not have to go through the regular serving line.
Everyone needs to make a reservation(s) with Traci Herndon at the Conference Office.  Call her at 334-356-8014 or email her at  If you wish to make a reservation for Tuesday lunch and/or the Laity Banquet using the conference online system, DO NOT make a reservation(s) there for lunch on Monday.  Skip over that question.  This will avoid a double head count.  
Everyone will need to pick up a ticket for the lunch from Traci Herndon at the registration desk Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Everyone will need to turn in a ticket as we gather for the luncheon.  There is no charge for lunch but you do need a ticket.  
We appreciate Traci helping us with our reservations and tickets and Rev. Rusty Taylor at Frazer for making the arrangements for us to be served in the room.  It will be a great time of fellowship, seeing long-time friends and sharing in the comradeship of the ministry that has meant so much to all of us over the years.  Plan to join in this gathering of Wesley Heirs.
Walter and Dean Albritton
Jim and Bobbie Dannelly
Co-Presidents, Wesley Heirs
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