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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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2017 AWF Annual Conference

Annual Conference News
E-news Updates:
April 26:  Here is the invitation for the Clergy Spouses Luncheon. RSVP here or to Lauren by May 23.
April 4:  Here is the flyer for the June 6 Laity Banquet.
Members of the 2017 AWF Annual Conference from the Pensacola District
A Note to Local Church Pastors and Administrative Assistants:
Local church clergy delegation is based upon what clergy have been appointed and are in place at the church January 1st. If laity going to Annual Conference as delegate(s) for your church does not match what is listed below, inform the district office ASAP. If the replacement is not in the AWFC database, please provide contact info. This will help us distribute the Brochure of Reports and can help things flow more smoothly at the Annual Conference registration table, as we will know who to expect and can have a name tag ready for everyone. The name tags are color coded for voting purposes. 
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Type of Delegate
Aldersgate Clergy - Senior Pastor Jimmy Cook
Aldersgate Laity Linda Kennedy
Allen Memorial Clergy - Senior Pastor Michael Cobb
Allen Memorial Laity Candace McKim
Annie Jones
Clergy - Senior Pastor     
Lee Bateman
Annie Jones Laity Thomas McGinty
Bagdad Clergy - Senior Pastor Robert Warren
Bagdad Laity Julia Cassady
Baker Clergy - Senior Pastor John Webb
Baker Laity Andre Clark
Bellview Clergy - Senior Pastor Nancy Hammond
Bellview Laity Hank Holland
Byrneville Clergy - Senior Pastor Chris Hawkins
Byrneville Laity Christine Reid
Century Clergy - Senior Pastor Janet Lee
Century Laity Betty Jones
Christ/Pineview Clergy - Senior Pastor Ronnie Bearden
Christ/Pineview Laity
Joan Slate
Chumuckla Community Clergy - Senior Pastor Tom Sharron
Chumuckla Community Laity Anita Sharron
Clear Springs Clergy - Senior Pastor John Edwards
Clear Springs Laity John (Buddy) Barnett
Cokesbury Clergy - Senior Pastor Paul Wolfe
Cokesbury Clergy - Assoc. Pastor Ashley Meyer
Cokesbury Laity Joyce Blackwelder
Cokesbury Laity Jack Haskins
Community Life Clergy - Senior Pastor Scott Veroneau
Community Life Laity Cortney Howard
Cottage Hill Clergy - Senior Pastor David W. Cook
Cottage Hill Laity Hubert Levins
Crestview Clergy - Senior Pastor Michael Precht
Crestview Laity Margaret Larson
Crosspoint Clergy - Senior Pastor Rurel Ausley
Crosspoint Clergy - Full Deacon Lisa Ausley
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Jeffrey Burnett
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Herstel Carter
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Brice Early
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Tyler Fuller
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Greg McKinnon
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Jeremy Smith
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Elizabeth Sullivan
Crosspoint Clergy - Asso. Pastor Lew Wilder
Crosspoint Laity Isabel Carter
Crosspoint Laity Carey Huff
Crosspoint Laity Judy Huff
Crosspoint Laity Beth Norton
Crosspoint Laity Clark Norton
Crosspoint Laity Billy Russell
Crosspoint Laity Becky Spence
Crosspoint Laity Ferrol Spence
Crosspoint Laity Bob Sullivan
Crosspoint Laity Barbara Wilder
Destin Clergy - Senior Pastor Barry Carpenter
Destin Laity Dick Christensen
Ensley Clergy - Senior Pastor Gina Bryan
Ensley Laity Wynell Gunter
Farm Hill Clergy - Senior Pastor Joe Hensel
Farm Hill Laity Cheryl Linholm
Ferry Pass Clergy - Senior Pastor
Valerie Balius
Ferry Pass Laity Dorothy Rodgers
Ft. Walton Beach First Clergy - Senior Pastor David Barkalow
Ft. Walton Beach First Laity Bruce Ravan
Gadsden Street Clergy - Senior Pastor Gail Baughman
Gadsden Street Laity Ron Baughman
Gonzalez Clergy - Senior Pastor Michael Ramsey
Gonzalez Laity Keith Gwaltney
Gulf Breeze Clergy - Senior Pastor Daniel Morris
Gulf Breeze Clergy - Asso. Pastor Ruth Knights
Gulf Breeze Clergy - Asso. Pastor Shawn York
Gulf Breeze Laity Jill Teston
Gulf Breeze Laity Claire Windham
Gulf Breeze Laity Dan Windham
Jay Clergy - Senior Pastor Ebb Hagan
Jay Laity Chris Davis
Lathram Chapel Clergy - Senior Pastor Pamela Avery
Lathram Chapel Laity Mona Baker
Lillian Clergy - Senior Pastor Daniel Randall
Lillian Laity Dick Erwin
Mae Edwards Clergy - Senior Pastor Byrd Mapoles
Mae Edwards Laity Mark Stoughton
Mary Esther Clergy - Senior Pastor Jeff Spicer
Mary Esther Clergy - Full Deacon Mike Owenby
Mary Esther Laity Carol Noe
Mary Esther Laity Daniela Peele
McDavid Clergy - Senior Pastor Ted Johnson
McDavid Laity Marcus Hughes
Milton First Clergy - Senior Pastor Kathy Knight
Milton First Laity Susan Godwin
Mt. Carmel Clergy - Senior Pastor Mark Barfield
Mt. Carmel Laity Jared Hendricks
Myrtle Grove Clergy - Senior Pastor Riley Richardson
Myrtle Grove Laity Beth Herndon
Navarre Clergy - Senior Pastor Alan Cassady
Navarre Clergy - Asso. Pastor Faith Parry
Navarre Laity Ed Bush
Navarre Laity Cal Vandivier
New Bethel Clergy - Senior Pastor Gary Jones
New Bethel Laity Pam Jones
New Hope Clergy - Senior Pastor Lee Bateman
New Hope Laity Lucinda Bateman
Pace First Clergy - Senior Pastor Mike Roberts
Pace First Laity Trena Webb
Pensacola First Clergy - Senior Pastor Wesley Wachob
Pensacola First Clergy - Full Deacon Rick Branch
Pensacola First Clergy - Asso. Pastor Brandon Burleson
Pensacola First Laity Jeb Hunt
Pensacola First Laity Jeanne Tew
Pensacola First Laity Ron Tew
Perdido Bay Clergy - Senior Pastor David Saliba
Perdido Bay Clergy - Asso. Pastor Levi Gardner
Perdido Bay Laity Rae Menard
Perdido Bay Laity Amy Whitwell
Pine Forest Clergy - Senior Pastor Andy Blackmon
Pine Forest Laity Sara Blackmon
Richards Memorial Clergy - Senior Pastor Robin Noble
Richards Memorial Laity Stanley Donaway
Shalimar Clergy - Senior Pastor Philip McVay
Shalimar Clergy - Asso. Pastor Brian Dale
Shalimar Clergy - Asso. Pastor Jonathan Hart
Shalimar Laity Pat Gross
Shalimar Laity Ron Gross
Shalimar Laity
Linda McBroom
St. Luke Clergy - Senior Pastor Larry Anderson
St. Luke Clergy - Asso. Pastor Don Abrams
St. Luke Laity Barrie Rommes
St. Luke Laity Pat Rommes
St. Mark-Pensacola Clergy - Senior Pastor David Morris
St. Mark-Pensacola Clergy - Full Deacon Nancy Hart
St. Mark-Pensacola Laity Betsy Bowers
St. Mark-Pensacola Laity Lynn Smith
St. Paul-Gulf Breeze Clergy - Senior Pastor Christina Shaver
St. Paul-Gulf Breeze Laity Jonathan Shaver
St. Paul-Pensacola Clergy - Senior Pastor Malcolm Franklin
St. Paul-Pensacola Laity Rachael Harris
Trinity UMC Clergy - Senior Pastor Sterling Boykin
Trinity UMC Clergy - Full Deacon Paula Roane
Trinity UMC Laity Ron Toole
Trinity UMC Laity Jim Young
Warrington Clergy - Senior Pastor Bob Bailey
Warrington Laity Judy Bailey
Wesley Memorial Clergy - Senior Pastor Danny Gilmore
Wesley Memorial Laity Griff Moses
Woodbine Clergy - Senior Pastor Jimmy Allen
Woodbine Laity
Sally O'Bannon
Members from the Pensacola District At Large
Lay Leader Gene Floore (Destin UMC)
UMM President Tim Wentworth (Bellview UMC)
UMW President Pat Dodge (Gadsden Street UMC)
Young Adult Member (age 18-30)
Waylon Perry (Clear Springs UMC)
Youth Member (age 12-17)
Youth Page (Non-member of AC, age 12-17)
The online application to serve as Youth Page is here.
Youth Page (Non-member of AC, age 12-17)
The online application to serve as Youth Page is here.
  An asterisk (*) is beside the names of those who have confirmed that they will be an At Large Member for the 2017 AWF Annual Conference. We have been notified that 9 will be needed from our district.
Member At Large Jim Brantley (Shalimar UMC) *
Member At Large Pat Brantley (Shalimar UMC) *
Member At Large Phil Coty (Crosspoint UMC) *
Member At Large Jim Hammond (Bellview UMC) *
Member At Large Berta Hurston (Gulf Breeze UMC) *
Member At Large Louise O'Bannon (St. Paul UMC-Pensacola) *
Member At Large Julie Terrell (Cokesbury UMC) *
Member At Large Linda Wentworth (Bellview UMC) *
Member At Large Shirley Wentworth (Bellview UMC) *
Tellers - Team A
Rev. Jonathan Hart (Shalimar UMC)
Louise O'Bannon (St. Paul UMC-Pensacola)
Tellers - Team B
Candace McKim (Allen Memorial UMC)
Rev. Mike Ramsey (Gonzalez UMC)
Teller Alternate - Clergy Rev. Levi Gardner (Perdido Bay UMC)
Teller Alternate - Laity Pam Jones (Crestview: New Bethel UMC)

 Members Per Discipline, Standing Rules, Etc.
AWFC Board of Ministry Lay Member Jim Buchli (Perdido Bay UMC)
AWFC Board of Ministry Lay Member Lee Thigpen (Crestview FUMC)
Diaconal Minister (Lay Member) Laurel Schmidt (Shalimar UMC)
General Conference Lay Delegate Beverly Maddox (Clear Springs UMC)
Jurisdictional Conference Lay Delegate Gene Floore (Destin UMC)
Jurisdictional Conference Lay Alternate Duane Keck (Trinity UMC)
Wesley Foundation Clergy Member
Wesley Foundation Lay Member
Rev. Stuart Worth, Campus Minister

Annual Conference Information
Information for Tellers and Alternate Tellers
From David Saliba 5/25/2017:
Dear Annual Conference Tellers and Alternate Tellers:
The 2017 session of the Alabama-West Florida Conference will be held June 4-7, 2017, at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL.

There will be a MANDATORY TELLER ORIENTATION held Sunday, June 4, 2017, beginning at 3:30 p.m. CT in Wesley Hall of Frazer Memorial UMC.  Click HERE for the latest copy of the WORKING AGENDA.

This year we will be voting on Constitutional Amendments and the General Church has specific orientation guidelines that we must follow, therefore our orientation meeting this year is mandatory. If you cannot make it please contact me as soon as possible by emailing:

Clergy Tellers, please be advised that the clergy executive session is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 4, in Wesley Hall.  We will need your presence at this meeting and will discuss your work at our orientation meeting.

Attached are General Teller Responsibilities.  Please read over them prior to the Annual Conference Meeting. Constitutional Amendment Voting will be discussed in person at the Teller Orientation.

If you have any questions please contact me at

God's Peace,

Files: ResponsibilitiesofTellers.pdf
Status on Printed Copies of the Brochure of Reports
(Pensacola District Office Friday, May 12) - This past week churches were asked to respond to the district office as to which of their clergy and lay members would like a printed copy of the Brochure of Reports and which ones plan to download it instead. According to the AWFC Office, the expected date of delivery for the Brochure of Reports (at least, for the Montgomery area) is May 24. Since there may be insufficient time to distribute the books throughout the district before annual conference, Pensacola District's books will remain in Montgomery. Those who requested a printed copy can pick theirs up at annual conference at the Frazer Memorial UMC registration desk.
2017 Brochure of Reports Available Online
The AWFC has now posted a link to the 2017 Brochure of Reports on their home page. Click here to download the pdf. This is also on the Pensacola District's Forms & Documents page here, where we have archived previous years' Brochures and Journals. 
Final Details and GUIDE for the 2017 AWF Annual Conference
(AWFC-UMC Wednesday, 5/17/17)

May 17, 2017

We are quickly approaching the 2017 session of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference. We are excited to see many of you soon. Click here to access a working agenda. Copies of the final agenda will be distributed at the doors of Wesley Hall prior to Monday's first business session. 

The reservation system closes on May 22, 2017, at 2:00pm. After this date and time, the reservation system will be closed so that we can accurately report head counts to our host churches. Click here to make a reservation

The 2017 Guide to Annual Conference has been published. It contains the bulletins for the Opening Worship Service and Memorial Service. We continue to strive to be good stewards of our resources. Therefore, printed bulletins will not be produced for these two services (family attending the Memorial Service will receive keepsake copies). The 2017 Book of Reports is available online. [NOTE:  Delegates from the Pensacola District will be picking up their Brochure of Reports at the annual conference registration desk.]

This year we will host Color Craft Directories at annual conference to produce our quadrennial pictorial directories. They will be photographing clergy and conference leadership on Monday-Wednesday in rooms 3013/3015. Click here for times. All clergy, conference staff, district administrative assistants and district lay leaders should have their photo taken. The Episcopal office highly recommends all clergy have their photo taken. These photos will also be used on our clergy finder section of the conference Website. Click here to make an appointment (select the only dropdown option and date on calendar). 

The clergy executive session and laity session will be held Sunday evening following opening worship (please note earlier start time for opening worship). Clergy will report to Wesley Hall and laity may remain in the sanctuary. Registration will close during opening worship but will briefly reopen prior to these sessions to accommodate those who are not able to register prior to opening worship. It will close promptly at 8pm Sunday evening. Clergy need to have their name badge visible to enter the executive session. 

Each morning (Monday-Wednesday) will begin with worship in Wesley Hall at 8:30am. Holy Communion will be served on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please plan to join your fellow clergy and laity for a special time of worship and reflection. 

At the beginning of the Tuesday session in Wesley Hall, we are asking all clergy to find their local church lay delegates and sit with them by district. There will be a screen visual (see image below) and pages to assist you in finding your district. If you are projected to receive a new appointment, please find your new church lay delegates. This will be important for one of our morning teaching sessions.    


Approved Moving Expenses Guidelines for 2017  (As shown in the 2017 Brochure of Reports)
The second Sunday following the adjournment of Annual Conference shall be the last Sunday of pastoral responsibility for each conference year. The official moving day will be Tuesday, June 20, 2017, and may be adjusted according to the needs and concerns worked out in consultation with the clergy persons, the churches and approved by the District Superintendent. 
The entire June salary shall be paid to the pastor by the church from which he/she is moving. In effect 50% of the annual salary will be paid January through June; with the remaining 50% paid by the church receiving a new pastor. Health insurance contributions and/or premiums, as well as any UMPIP payments are to be deducted from the pastor’s compensation for the full month of June, with the receiving church beginning such payments in July.
Upon retirement, disability, termination, or death of a minister serving within the bounds of the Annual Conference and serving a full time appointments under the provisions of Paragraph 333.1 of the 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, the conference shall pay up to $3,000 for documented moving expenses to the first place of retirement, termination, or disability or the first place of dwelling for a surviving spouse. Moving expenses to be reimbursed shall not be incurred prior to retirement or termination notification to the Bishop and will be reimbursed after the move is completed. 
Guidelines for clergy under appointment
1.  Following notification of appointment change by the district superintendent, the Chairperson of the PPRC should contact the minister to be appointed to communicate the church’s policy in paying moving expenses and to discuss moving plans. 
2.  The receiving church is responsible for the first $3,000 of documented moving expenses and is encouraged to pay all documented expenses for the incoming ministerial family.
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