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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sources for Statistics

Where to Find Statistical Information:
Alabama-West Florida Conference Journal 
To view pdfs of the Journal for the years 2007 through current, look up "Journal" on our Forms and Documents page.
Scroll down this page for Statistical Tables from the Journal.
General Council on Finance and Administration ("Ezra Year-end Statistical Report")
Each year, United Methodist Churches submit a Local Church Report to the Annual Conference, which is entered into the database of the General Council on Finance and Administration. Pastors/secretaries can log into the GCFA database ( and view their local church reports going back to the year 1999. 
See also: <-- In the Ezra Report section (and below, this page) you can view several years' statistics (pdf).
MissionInsite is a demographics program that provides churches with instant access to community information. You’ll get desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels. The system also provides local churches with the ability to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on their map.
Pensacola District Website
Scroll down this page for charts and downloads compiled by the District Administrative Assistant. 
Pensacola District Statistics
Annual Comparatives Compiled by the District Office 
from Reconciled Reports:
2000-2017 Membership Roll and Average Worship Attendance - PDF / Excel
Figures in this report are color-coded to show, for each year, whether each church's membership roll and average worship attendance have stayed the same (black font), increased (green font), or decreased (red font). 
2007-2017 Connectional Mission Giving - PDF / Excel
Figures in this report are color-coded to show, for each year, whether the percentage each church paid on apportionments has stayed the same (black font), increased (green font), or decreased (red font).  See also Connectional Giving - Latest and Archived Reports / 2017 Apportionments Report - Pensacola District
Annual Reports
Annual District Report from the AWFC Book of Reports / Journal
Select Year: 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007 / 2006 
Statistics from the General Council on Finance and Administration Database - See At-a-Glance Statistics (Below)
(This data was submitted by local churches via the annual Ezra Statistical Report, aka "Local Church Report.") 
At-a-Glance Statistics - Download/View Pensacola District Reports:
                                                  (Yellow denotes record-breaking highs for the years 2001-2017.)
Dist Rpt PDF
History Notes
* See below
Roll &
Average Worship
% Pd
% Pd
% Pd
Roll Net
New Profess.
of Faith (not including
Removed by
Chrg Confer
Byrneville UMC
Trent 14,540 86.77 95.20 97.51 -1,222 518 719
Community Life UMC starts-Jan.
Trent 14,714 88.77 100 100.55
768 696
14,861 82.40 94.15 94.34 +348 633 94
Century tornado-Feb., Gulf Coast flooding-Apr.,
Mt Carmel fire-May, St Andrew merges w/ Bellview
Pridgeon 14,477 77.10 93.85 94.04 -220 660 703
2013   2013-14 (C) Pridgeon 15,020 76.14 92.29 90.03 -756 666 1,275
2012   Pridgeon 15,288 67.99 89.37 90.96 +148 629 494
Crestview St. Mark
merges w/ Crosspoint
Pridgeon 14,820 63.06 93.85 75.82
563 337
Gulf Oil Spill - Apr.,
Chumuckla &
Eliz. Chapel merge
14,639 66.06 61.13 59.28 +175 591 327
2009   Roberts 14,707 62.07 83.25 66.54 +272 689 443
Hsg Mrkt Crash
Roberts 2008 Roll 14,398 64.00 87.44 84.51 +304 670 344
2007   Roberts 14,395 74.16 86.79 78.75 +300 677 228
Insur. rates explode
14,647 77.41 88.45 90.10 +416 687 259
Hurr. Dennis-July,
Hurr. Katrina-Aug.
Chunn 14,506 88.97 91.82 91.51 +186 768 587
District gains 3
Alabama churches,
Hurr. Ivan-Sept.
Chunn 14,670 85.00 89.00 86.00 +590 758 322
Pleasant Grove closes, Summit Park merges w/ Cokesbury
Chunn 13,835 84.16 94.23 92.95 +612 716 273
13,818 88.00 87.30 84.86 +596 800 183
2001   Avery     13,909 84.53 91.00 88.00 +723 739
* AUTOMATIC ZEROES FOR SOME QUESTIONS IN THE EZRA SYSTEM:  Questions were changed for the GCFA/Ezra data churches entered in January 2018. For instance, clergy compensation. For the 2015-2016 report and prior, the question asked for a total of local church clergy salary, but beginning 2016-2017, those figures weren't combined. There was a new, separate question for reporting what the salary of the senior pastor (alone) received. Separating and creating questions made the system automatically put ZERO as the answer for the previous year for the new answer box (example: 42a). Another question that automatically put ZEROES for the 2016 answer was number 7a, "number of persons who worship online." To find the 2016 answer to that question, look at the 2015-2016 report.
* AVERAGE WORSHIP ATTENDANCE:  The 2004-2005 Ezra report reworded the question requesting average worship attendance from "AVERAGE ATT WOR" to "average attendance at the principle weekly worship service(s)." The 2008-2009 report reworded the question again to read "average attendance at all weekly worship services."
* REMOVED BY CHARGE CONFERENCE ACTION: Churches' membership roll audit sometimes results in correction of figures and/or inactive members contacted by the Church and encouraged to rejoin fellowship. After appropriate time, efforts, and conditions as outlined by the Book of Discipline, some may be removed from the roll by the Charge Conference.  
These reports do not include Hispanic/Latino Ministry congregations. Considered mission churches, they are not required to submit statistical reports to GCFA.
* Historical memo regarding impact of natural and economic disasters:  Hurricane Ivan was in September 2004, Hurricane Dennis was in July 2005,  Hurricane Katrina was in August 2005, and Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill began in April 2010. Other:  dramatic drop in the housing market and significant increases in insurance costs.
*Historical memo regarding new, merged, and closed churches:  In 2017 Byrneville UMC closed. The Ezra annual statistical report will not accept zero as an answer for membership or average worship, including closed churches; however, the table above does report zeroes, such as for Byrneville. In January 2016 the Soundside Campus of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church became a stand-alone Church named Community Life United Methodist Church, with Rev. Scott Veroneau as pastor.  In 2014 St. Andrew and Bellview merged to become Bellview United Methodist Church and closed St. Andrew. In 2014 The Journey new church start in Crestview closed. In 2014 churches were impacted by flooding. In 2014 the sanctuary of Century UMC was destroyed by a tornado. In 2011 Crestview St. Mark United Methodist Church merged into and became a second campus of the Niceville United Methodist Church.  (You will thus see membership information for St. Mark zeroed out as membership transferred into (under the umbrella of) Niceville.) In 2010 the Chumuckla and Elizabeth Chapel United Methodist Churches merged to become Chumuckla Community Church - A United Methodist Congregation. (You will thus see membership information for the two original churches zeroed out as membership transferred to the new church.) In 2004 the Pensacola District gained three Alabama Churches (600 members total):  Clear Springs (131 members), Lillian (441 members), and New Hope (28 members). In 2003 the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church closed (27 members transferred out to zero), and Summit Park United Methodist Church merged with and became a second campus of Cokesbury United Methodist Church.
History of Pensacola District Superintendents and Assistants
Superintendents (DS)
Dates - DS Assistants Dates - Assistants
Timothy R. Trent
2015-Current  Brittany Morris  

Mary Hernandez 01/01/2001-05/30/2018
Jeremy Kimble Pridgeon
2010-2015 Mary Hernandez  
Michael George Roberts 2006-2010 Mary Hernandez  
David Henry Chunn 2002-2006 Mary Hernandez  
Charles William Avery 1996-2002 Mary Hernandez Began 01/01/2001
    Debbie Miller
Interim 10/2000-11/2000
Langdon Howard Garrison 1990-1996 Jeannie Stewart  11/15/1985-10/2000
Ellis Robert Dickerson 1985-1990 Jeannie Stewart
Began 11/15/1985
Clifford Miles Abbott 1981-1985 Peggy Winton 07/01/1983-11/14/1985
Henry Earl Eddins 1979-1981 Janet Kay Lee 05/18/1981-06/30/1983
    Ruth Eddins 06/15/1979-05/17/1981
Rex Marion Mixson 1973 (8/1)-1979
Margaret Mixson
    Mrs. Jim Dennis
Part-time 08/1973-?
John Bransford Nichols 1968-1973 (7/31)    
Charles Robert Britt 1966-1968     
Marion Clyde Mathison 1962-1966    
Carlton Everett Barnes 1957-1962     
John Thaddeus Ellisor 1953-1957    
Norman Burns McLeod 1948-1953    
W.M. Curtis 1943-1948    
Carlton Preer 1942-1943    
Albert Earl Shafer 1940-1942    



Presiding Elders over the Pensacola District
1937-1940 R.R. Ellison
1933-1937 Herbert William Rice
1929-1933 O.S. Welch
1927-1929 W.M. Curtis
1924-1927 J.S. Frazer
1920-1924 D.P. Slaughter
1919-1920 S.W. Williams
1918-1919 E.C. Moore
1916-1918 R.A. Moody
1912-1916 W.M. Cox
1909-1912 O.C. McGehee
1908-1909 J.S. Frazer
1906-1908 B.C. Glenn
1904-1906 W.S. Wade
1900-1904 J.M. Mason 
1898-1900 J.S. Frazer
1894-1898 W.H. Wild 
1892-1984 J.R. Peavy
1888-1892 M.S. Andrews 
1885-1888 W.M. Motley
1882-1885 John S. Frazer
1880-1882 S.H. Cox
1878-1880 J.M. Boland


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