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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Stegall Scholarship Foundation Dinners
Stegall Scholarship Foundation dinners will be held within the Pensacola District.  The first was May 14, 6:00 p.m., at Pensacola First UMC.  The second will be May 23, 6:00 p.m., at Ft. Walton Beach First UMC.  There is no cost for the dinner but you do need to make a reservation.  Please call the church where you are planning to attend and let them know soon so they can know how many to prepare for.  This is open to clergy and laity.  (Updated 5/15/2018)
Reserve These Dates - Pensacola District Events:
Nov. 4, 2018    4 p.m. Pensacola District Conference* Navarre UMC
Nov. 4, 2018 4 p.m.-6:30 p.m.    Pensacola District Fused Youth Conference* Community Life UMC, Gulf Breeze
Dec. 11, 2018 6 p.m. Pensacola District Clergy & Spouses Christmas Dinner** The Wright Place, Pensacola First UMC
* All Pensacola District churches are asked to suspend their regular activities the evening of Nov. 4 so that all may attend.
** Please complete the online RSVP form for the Christmas Dinner between Nov. 1 and Dec. 4, 2018.  Reservations close Dec. 4.


Pensacola District Is a Constant Contact All Star!
We received this notification from Constant Contact:
"Last year, your outreach and engagement with your audience was exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively. And we noticed, too. So we are thrilled to name you to our roster of 2017 All Stars!  This annual designation is something that only 10% of Constant Contact customers receive for their excellence in building better customer relationships. Relationships matter to us at Constant Contact. Thanks for making yours count. Congratulations again, and we hope you have another great year in 2018."


Administrative Announcements 
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Change in Clergy Info? Here's the Form to Send Us!
If you have a change in personal information please send the completed Clergy File Information Form to the Pensacola District Office. Thank you!  See also:  2018 Pastoral Transitions Guidelines

Coaching Resources for Ministers
Here is a list from the AWFC Cabinet of coaches available for ministers. This is not a requirement, but if you can sign on with a coach (of course, their services require payment), you will find this can be very helpful.  See also:
 Information for Local Church Officers
Have you been elected to a church leadership or committee position and you're not sure what your responsibilities are?
Here's a page specifically for Staff-Parish/Pastor-Parish Relations Committees:
NOTE: If your church elects a new treasurer inform! The finance system is not connected with the database.
Continuing Education 
If you are planning a clergy continuing education event and need credit authorization or have questions about continuing education, the contact person is Reverend Dr. Jeff Spicer. Dr. Spicer is the AWF Conference Chairperson of Continuing Education. Here is his contact information.
Do You Have Students Attending UWF or PSC?
The Wesley Foundation would like to contact students from your church if they are attending The University of West Florida or Pensacola State College.  If you have students currently attending, or heading that way in the fall, they would love to have their contact information so that they may welcome and invite them to be a part of our Wesley Foundation family.  Please e-mail this information to  

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The Book of Reports
The Book of Reports (formerly known as Brochure of Reports) can be downloaded here.
Here's a Sample of What's on the AWFC Calendar: 
Annual Meeting - Lay Servant Ministries July 12-14
The Southeastern Jurisdiction Association of Annual Conference and District Directors of Lay Servant Ministries will be held July 12-14, 2018, at First United Methodist Church, Montgomery, Alabama.  The event page is here.  This event is open to ALL Lay Servants, Lay Speakers, Lay Ministers, and those that want to start in the LSM program. We will also have a business meeting, and our worship will feature preaching by Bishop David Graves, resident Bishop of the Alabama-West Florida Conference.  Click here for details.
Required Boundary Training for Clergy - Sexual Ethics Seminar in August
(AWFC 4/12/2018) - All clergy in the Alabama-West Florida Conference should mark their calendars for one of the August 2018 dates and locations for the Quadrennial Sexual Ethics Requirement, sponsored by the AWF Board of Ordained Ministry. There are also two required reading assignments and a writing assignment. Continue here for details.
All for the Gospel 
Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. He led a sinless life. He loved people and gathered among them not as a stamp of approval of their sins but, rather, to lead them to an eternal, saving relationship with Him as Savior. Sin separates us from God, for God is holy.  One day He will judge sin. The lost face eternal damnation. Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world - He offers forgiveness, new life, and eternity in heaven for the repentant. God commands that, because He is holy, His people are to be holy. Holy living means sacrificing worldly lusts and selfish pleasures for a life of obedience and righteousness and walking with Him.  Each one in Him "becomes a new creature" that stops following sin and starts following Jesus Christ.  Only God is perfect, but He looks at the direction and aim of our hearts - will we remain in our sins, living a life displeasing Him, or are we willing to sacrifice all to follow and obey Him? 
General Conference Delegation from AWFC
The Council of Bishops announced the call for a special General Conference to be held February 23-26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri. General Conference usually meets every four years and is the only body that can speak for the denomination. 
Pictured here are General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference delegates and alternate delegates from the Alabama-West Florida Conference (AWFC). When it came to a couple of hot issues voted on by the General Conference, the AWFC delegation was shamed from among their own conference for their bold stance.
The AWFC delegation was one of only three conferences (and the only conference in the Southeastern Jurisdiction) to vote down  amendment #1 from being included in the constitution of the United Methodist Church.  After results were announced to the public,  it was then recognized that there were errors in the amendment. Portions of it had already been voted down by the General Conference in 2016.  The amendment was then corrected and returned for vote. For updates visit
The AWFC delegation also voted down amendment #2. Amendment 2 was an emotional trigger for LGBT because it promised them equal access to all positions of the Church, including governance, regardless of gender preference and marital relationship. It was also an emotional trigger for women because it promised them equality and equal access to all positions of the Church, although the Council of Bishops' press release about the vote affirmed that UMC documents already clearly state that position. Amendment 2 was highly pushed by powerful denominational leaders. It would have ended mandatory retirement of bishops, ministers, agency leaders, and others when they reach a certain age. Regardless of age or ability and impact on the health of the Church, the amendment would have made it age discrimination or ability discrimination to make one retire.
If you would like to contact AWFC delegates, they are listed here on the AWF Conference website.*
*If you need their e-mail address but don't use Microsoft Outlook, after following the link above, right-click on a delegate's name and select "copy e-mail address."