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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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News from Older Adult Ministries
of the Pensacola District
November 2017

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The topic for our next quarterly Older Adult Ministries brainstorming session will be "Transportation Challenges," as well as planning our goals for 2018. We will meet Tuesday, November 14, 11:30 – 1:00, at Christ United Methodist Church in Milton. This meeting is for Adult Ministries and Older Adult Ministries coordinators, but i
f you know other folks in our United Methodist churches that might be interested in participating with us, please invite them!  Bring your lunch (drinks are provided), come fellowship, and let's share ideas!  ###
A reminder that fall is the season of the Alzheimer’s walks!  

Walk for Alzheimer’s

November 18, 2017
Covenant Care's Walk for Alzheimer’s November 18 will be at Seville Square in Pensacola. Its support remains local to the Panhandle and South Alabama. For more information you can visit or call 850-438-9714.
If you are aware of other walks to the east of Pensacola, please let me know.  Turning out to walk is a visible way of showing God’s love for these folks and their caregivers, both personal and professional.  They are fundraisers but also awareness raisers. There is no fee to walk in either event. ###
Below is the the letter distributed to ministers at the Pensacola District's annual Fall Clergy Gathering. Here is the letter in pdf. ###
Thank you for your leadership in your own congregation, but together through our “connectional” church, we believe we can be even stronger in our ministries by, with, and for seniors.  Stay in touch!  Thanks!

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Donna Jacobi Pruett
Older Adult Ministries Representative
Pensacola District CORE Team
850-516-1157 cell/text