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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Officers and Meetings

Upcoming District Committee Meetings
The Pensacola District Board of Methodist Missions, Inc. will meet at noon May 31 at the Pensacola District Office. Lunch will be provided.
The Pensacola District Committee on Ministry will meet beginning 9 a.m. June 13 (Tuesday) at Crosspoint Crestview South (St Mark's Crestview). If you have questions or need to be put on the schedule contact the chairperson, Rev. Bob Bailey.
The Pensacola District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) will meet August 1 (Tuesday) at Gadsden Street United Methodist Church.
August 1 -- This meeting is earlier than most of our Fall meetings to provide for easy access to seminary students before they return to school and for those looking to be recommended for Provisional status.  One of the new requirements is that we have "mock interviews" to help those seeking Provisional status have an opportunity to see what Conference Board interviews are like and to allay much, at least some anyway, of the stress and anxiety some have about these interviews.
The Pensacola District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) typically meets at Gadsden Street United Methodist Church on the second floor of the Dennison Administration Building. If you need to meet with the committee the person to contact to be put on the schedule is Rev. Bob Bailey. His contact information is at you need directions to the meeting place please visit If you are scheduled to meet with the committee, please come to the Wesleyan Fellowship room, which is directly across the hall from the Pensacola District Office.
The District Committee on Ministry meets as scheduled by the chairperson, Rev. Bob Bailey. When meetings are scheduled we post a notice on this page.
The District Committee on Church Locations and Building meets as needed upon request by local churches and scheduled through Gene Floore, chairperson. To request a meeting or for more information contact Gene Floore at or 850-830-9342. When meetings are scheduled we post a notice on this page.
District Committee on Ministry
Is God calling you to ministry?  Visit
Memo: Pensacola District dCOM's Local Pastor Registrar is Rev. Gary Jones


Contact Persons / Coordinators
Contact Person/E-mail

District Superintendent

Admin. Assistant / District Treasurer / Webmaster 850-434-0118
Adult / Older Adult Ministries
Dr. Donna Jacobi Pruett
(GSUMC Office)
Children's Ministries
Church Locations & Building
Mr. Gene Floore,
Community Ministries Rev. Robin Noble
CORE Team Chairperson
Disability Concerns Advocate
Mrs. Berta Hurston,
Disaster Response Coordinator Mr. Gene Schmidt 850-712-1956
Ethnic/Racial Ministries
Mrs. Louise O'Bannon,
Hispanic Ministries Rev. Robin Noble  850-454-7652
Hispanic Ministries Pastor Rev. Andres Doimeadios  850-356-1252
Lay Leader
Mr. Gene Floore,
Lay Servant Ministries
Mr. Bruce Knecht,

Ministry  / Candidacy
Rev. Bob Bailey 850-455-0306
Missions Board, District
Mr. Duane Keck,
Missions Representative
Mr. David Crawford,
Safe Sanctuaries Rev. Paula Roane 850-862-4169
Spiritual Formation Rev. Pamela Avery 850- 587-2937
Superintendency Committee
Rev. Daniel Randall
Trustees, District Board
Mr. Don Anchors, Attorney 850-863-4064
United Methodist Men (UMM) President
United Methodist Women (UMW) President
(GSUMC Office)
Rev. Stuart Worth 850-968-6213
Youth Ministries
Mr. Wayne Walker,


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