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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Church Locations and Building

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Steps for Building a New Church Facility
Step 1:  Establish a Study Committee
  1. to analyze the need of the Church and community,
  2. to project the potential membership with average attendance,
  3. to write up the church’s program of ministry, and
  4. to develop an accessibility plan including chancel areas.
Step 2:  Create a written report including the findings of Step 1
  1. to be presented to Charge Conference,
  2. to be used by the Church Building Committee, and
  3. to be part of the report to the District Committee on Church Locations and Building (DCCLB).
Step 3:  Secure written consent
  1. of the Pastor,
  2. of the District Superintendent, and
  3. of the DCCLB.
Step 4:  The Church Charge Conference shall authorize the building project and officially elect the members of the Building Committee
Step 5:  The Building Committee shall
  1. use information from the Study Committee to determine facility needs,
  2. develop preliminary architectural plans,
  3. secure an estimate of cost of the proposed construction, and
  4. develop a financial plan to defray the cost.
Step 6:  The Building Committee shall submit to the DCCLB
  1. statement of need for the proposed facility,
  2. preliminary architectural plans including accessibility,
  3. preliminary cost estimate, and
  4. preliminary financial plan.
Step 7:   After approval by the Pastor, District Superintendent, and DCCLB, the Building Committee shall present to a Church Conference
  1. preliminary architectural plans,
  2. preliminary cost estimate,
  3. preliminary financial plan, and
  4. the Building Committee’s recommendation.
Step 8After approval by the Church Conference, the Building Committee shall
  1. develop detailed plans and specification,
  2. secure a detailed estimate of cost, and
  3. present to the charge conference and DCCLB for approval.
Step 9:  Once approved, the Building Committee may begin work on the project



How to Contact the District Committee on Church Locations and Building:
For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact the chairperson of the Pensacola District Committee on Church Locations and Building, Gene Floore, at or 850-830-9342 or contact the Pensacola District Office of The United Methodist Church.
Reference Documents:
             Reference Topic Select File Format
  2012 Book of Discipline District Board of Church Location and Building PDF / MS Word
  2012 Book of Discipline Local Church Property PDF / MS Word

News Updates:
In January 2016, the Soundside Campus of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church officially became a stand-alone Church and is now called Community Life United Methodist Church. The first appointed pastor was Rev. Scott Veroneau.
"How to Apply for a Church Loan" (ALWFUMF) - Crestview First United Methodist Church was featured on page 3 of the AWF United Methodist Foundation's winter 2016 newsletter, GENEROSITY MATTERS. The article is about how to apply for a church loan.  For more information click here for the newsletter, visit, or click here for the AWFUMF Facebook page.
Niceville United Methodist Church broke ground for their third campus (North Crestview) January 13, 2015. (Pictures here.) With two of their three campuses being in Crestview, they changed their name to Crosspoint United Methodist Church. Click here for the Crosspoint website, here for the Crosspoint Facebook page.
Ranking churches by size, this article lists Crosspoint UMC as #15 and Gulf Breeze UMC as #21 in the 2015 edition of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches.
Niceville United Methodist Church celebrated the official Grand Opening of the expanded Children's Center and newly remodeled cafe area at their St. Mark campus in Crestview. Click here for St. Mark's website.
Construction Personnel Information:
Below is a list of whom churches used for their building projects.
This is not to be considered in any way a recommendation nor statement or review of quality of service.
Crosspoint Construction of the North Crestview Campus 2014-2015:
Architect - Quina Grundhoefer Architects, P.A., Pensacola, Florida
Civil Engineer - Gustin, Cothern, & Tucker, Niceville, Florida
Structural Engineer - RAC Engineering, Gulf Breeze, Florida
Mechanical Engineer - MEP Engineering Solutions, Pensacola, Florida
Electrical Engineer - Adams Consulting Engineering, Pensacola, Florida

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