The Pensacola District of The United Methodist Church
Sunday, January 21, 2018
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January 17, 2018


Messages by the District Superintendent - 2018

I hope everyone is doing well with the weather.  I was cold all morning and then I saw on the news a report on the Yakutia region in Russia.  There are about 1,000,000 people who live there.  The temperature there dropped to minus 88.6F!  After seeing that report I was warm, warm, warm!

Saturday I had the good pleasure of being at the District UMW event hosted by the ladies at Trinity UMC.  They did a wonderful job hosting the event.  We all thought the attendance would be low because the wind was blowing and it was cold.  There were 84 in attendance!  I was there to install the officers for 2018.  They honored Louise O’Bannon for serving in leadership for 10 years.  Louise is such a beautiful person with a wonderful spirit.  She has served in three different positions faithfully for the last ten years.  She also has served on the District level and has been faithful serving on the District CORE Team and as an At Large delegate to Annual Conference for the Pensacola District.  She is well deserving of the recognition.  How do we serve?  How faithfully do we serve?  Louise is a model for us all.
The Rev. Pam Avery, Associate Pastor at the Gulf Breeze UMC, gave the program and it was excellent.  Her presentation was both serious and humorous.  We sang, danced, and looked at ourselves in the mirror! Thank you, Pam, for a wonderful program!

The next day, Sunday, I had the good pleasure of preaching at Milton FUMC for both morning services.  I always enjoy preaching there.  Milton FUMC has a lot going on with missions and ministry.

I then went to Century UMC to hold a special called Charge Conference for the purpose of building a new church.  A tornado destroyed the Century church on February 15, 1916.  They are now ready to sign the contract to rebuild!  It was a great moment of celebration.  Rev. Janet Lee has given great leadership through this process along with several in the church.  I am thankful for the folks at Century.  They have such a great spirit and attitude and are a joy to work with!

I hope consultations can resume tomorrow.  Friday I will be in Dothan for a meeting at the UMC Foundation.

Thanks to all of you for the good work you are doing.  Stay warm and God bless you all!!!

Dr. Tim Trent
Pensacola District Superintendent

January 7, 2018
I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Linda and I did our best to do as little as we could.  I promised her I would do no church work for two weeks and I came pretty close to fulfilling that promise.
I want to thank all the ministers and spouses for the wonderful gift you gave to Linda and me.  I am thankful for each of you and I appreciate your love and support more than you will ever know.
I want to thank both the clergy and laity of our District for a wonderful year!  We will begin tabulating some figures to share with you in the near future.  We have had a very successful year in so many ways.  As we enter into the new year, may we renew our commitment to work with each other to do Kingdom work in the Pensacola District.
We now begin the process of Consultations.  You should have received your forms to fill out by now.  If not, be sure and contact the office.  The schedule will be sent out soon with the appropriate instructions.  I look forward to meeting with each of you, as well as the churches that will be anticipating a move. May we all be in prayer for one another as we begin this process.
As we begin this new year, I hope we begin with a renewed commitment to serving Christ and His Church.  I look forward to the new year working with each of you.  I know this year will be even greater than last.
I will be at Blue Lake tomorrow afternoon through Thursday for Spiritual Leadership Training.  As you know, Blue Lake is pretty much a “dead zone” when it comes to communications.  If it is serious and you really need me, call Blue Lake and ask them for me to call you.  I will be not be able to leave but maybe I can call you back on their phone.
God bless each of you, your families, and ministries!
Dr. Tim Trent
Pensacola District Superintendent