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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Charge Conferences 2017
  1. Please read these instructions in entirety.
  2. Here is the 2017 Charge Conference Schedule. If there is a scheduling conflict please contact the district office soon, before more items are added to the calendar. Otherwise, please publicize your meeting date to your congregation.
  3. Download the Charge Conference Checklist and forms here.
  4. Note directions given on the forms. Some have specific mailing instructions.
  5. Distribute the forms and issue deadlines for those doing reports to return them to you. Instruct those doing reports that their documents are NOT to be stapled.
  6. Keep in mind that a copy of the Local Church Pastor Compensation Report (one per appointed pastor), the Report of the Pastor,* and the Report of the Committee on Nominations FORM must be RECEIVED by the Pensacola District Office NO LESS than ONE WEEK prior to your charge conference. *What the D.S. wants the senior pastor to report in advance is the total added and subtracted for each category, total baptized, and to answer the questions "Did you have a confirmation class this year?" and "How many were confirmed?"
    • Print the reports double-sided if possible. Please conserve paper as much as possible.
    • Do not staple, hole-punch or bind the reports in any way.  Paper clips are fine, but no staples are allowed. All pages need to be loose leaf, not in a booklet, so that the district office can easily scan, make copies, fax, and file as needed. 
    • Put the reports in Checklist order. Check for this: 
      • Be sure that all reports are there.  If a report doesn't apply, turn in the blank form with "N/A" across it. This denotes that the form was not forgotten, that follow-up is not necessary.
      • If a report has a lot of pages, please be sure that all the pages are there.
      • Whenever possible, put the church name and year/date on every page. Lay servant reports should show the lay servant's name and date on each page.  TIP:  Some churches do this by creating and affixing Avery label stickers.
      • Be sure that all reports requiring signatures are signed. Do NOT wait until the charge conference meeting to get signaturesReports most often lacking signatures and needing follow-up by the district office are lay servant and lay speaker reports, since they may require signature(s) on more than one page. Be sure that ALL pages are submitted.
      • Where a report asks for name of district, it should say PENSACOLA DISTRICT. Where a report asks for name of conference, it should say ALABAMA-WEST FLORIDA. Where a report asks for church number, if you don't know it click here for our About Us page and find the number shown at the end of each church's listing. 
      • Here's a checklist for the compensation report form:
        • Make sure you use the NEXT YEAR's version of the form. For example, for the 2017 annual charge conference, you should be turning in the 2018 form. You can tell what year it's for by the information provided in the middle of the form.
        • Don't omit the FIRST QUESTION, which asks for "Effective Date." Importantly, this answer requires a START date and an END date. This is especially for pension purposes and when churches send the district office a revised mid-year report - with different dates.  NOTE: The district office forwards this form to the AWFC Benefits Office (BeLinda@awfumc.0rg).
        • Make sure that the address entered on the form is your HOME address - and that it is a COMPLETE address. Do not assume that those using this form (district and conference) know the city, state, and zip for every pastor's home address. District offices also use this form to update clergy spouse home address in the database.
        • Make sure that EVERY answer has been answered.
        • Make sure that ALL local church signatures are on the form.
  7. Follow instructions for lay leadership reporting: (See also instructions on the official Checklist.)
    • Update your CHURCH DASHBOARD (the AWF Conference database) for the new year by December 15.  Instructions are here on our Online Reports page.
    • The district office needs a valid e-mail address and mailing address for your PPRC/SPRC chairperson.
    • If your PPRC/SPRC chairperson does not have an e-mail address, you can enter the church office e-mail address or, upon approval from the chairperson, the e-mail address of another member of PPRC/SPRC who will be sure that the chairperson receives the messages.  (SPRC stands for "Staff-Parish Relations Committee" and PPRC stands for "Pastor-Parish Relations Committee.")
    • If you have a new treasurer inform the AWFC Fiscal Office. Any time of the year your local church changes treasurer, even though you updated the database, you will need to notify and send her the contact information. The Fiscal Office's Shelby financial system is not tied into the AWFC database, so if you do not inform them they will not know and your new treasurer will not be in the loop.
  8. Make copies of documents that you will need to send to other offices and to the district office. Examples are Clergy Continuing Education report and certificates, Campus Ministry Report (list of high schoolers), Deacon report, Extension Minister report, etc. It is each church's responsibility to mail the forms as instructed.
  9. Place one COPY of all your charge conference reports in a folder in your church files. This copy and the originals should already have all signatures in place before the meeting day, because at the meeting you will be handing all the originals to the district superintendent when he arrives.
  10. Send the district office a COPY of the Pastor Compensation Report, the Report of the Pastor, and the Report of the Committee on Nominations FORM no less than one week in advance of your charge conference meeting. Mail to The UMC Pensacola District Office, P.O. Box 2727, Pensacola, FL 32513-2727. Please allow sufficient time for U.S. Mail delivery. 
  11. Pastors, if there is particular business or issues that you believe the district superintendent should be aware of in advance, contact and inform him.
  12. Hand the ORIGINALS (signed) to the District Superintendent at the charge conference meeting. If possible, please present the originals in an unsealed mailing envelope labeled "Original Charge Conference Reports"; this will help keep copies separate from originals.
Charge Conference Forms   
******  Before downloading forms read the instructions listed above!! ******
If you must have MS Word version please e-mail your request to the district office. 

If a report does not apply submit the BLANK form (page one) with "N/A" across it. This shows the district office that you did not accidentally forget the report.

Before December 15, access your Local Church Dashboard and update your church and leaders information for the AWF Conference database and Church Locator Page. Click here to continue.
For instructions, or if you have problems logging in, or if you have other questions, please continue here, then contact the district office if you need further assistance.  
Every church's Dashboard must be updated. If you cannot update your Dashboard by December 15 please notify the district office as soon as possible and in plenty of advance notice that the District Administrative Assistant, if necessary, can do the update for you before December 15. 
This is not a Charge Conference form.
The Committee on Finance is required to make provision for an annual audit of the records of all the financial officers (including the financial secretary of church, business manager, and treasurers) of the church and all its organizations and shall report to the Charge Conference.  Guidelines for handling of an accountability of funds can be found in the 2017-2020 United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook available here at and The Local Church Audit Guide available at
The Apportionments Report shows what your church's apportionments will be for the year.
Download here the 2018 report. (Status:  This report is not yet available. Typically, the district office receives a copy when churches receive a copy.)
Here are instructions received July 30, 2017, from the AWFC Director, David Bowen:
For this year's Charge Conference Packages, there will only be 3 forms that deal with Lay Servant Ministries.

Those are: 

The previously used report "Application to Begin As a Lay Servant in The United Methodist Church" is no longer a valid form. Those who are contemplating getting into the LSM program will begin by taking the basic course and the application to take the course will be approved by their Senior Minister. No charge conference reporting is needed for someone just thinking about getting into the program. 

The Certified Lay Servant Report [click here] will be used by those who have completed the basic course and one advanced course. 
The Certified Lay Speaker Report [click here] will be used by those who have completed all the requirements and have become a Certified Lay Speaker. 

The Certified Lay Minister Report [click here] will be used by those who are in the CLM program

The Lay Servant and Lay Speaker reports are signed by the Pastor, Layperson, and DS. The charge conference keeps the original and makes 3 copies. One copy goes to the District Superintendent, one copy goes to the District Director of Lay Servant Ministries, and one copy goes to the Layperson. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

David Bowen
Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Clergy Compensation Form
Instructions:  (1) Do not use previous years' report forms. (2) The ENTIRE form must be completed. Where it says "Home Address" enter the complete HOME address, including city, state, and zip code. (3)  If you need the church number, go to the list of churches on our About Us page (click here). Each church's number is in the far right column of the church's listing.  MINIMUM SALARY UPDATE:  The 2017 AWF Annual Conference approved the Commission on Equitable Compensation's recommendation of a minimum salary of $37,200 for all full-time appointed clergy for 2018.   
Parsonage Standards and Checklist
Information on this topic is at the Alabama-West Florida Conference website at

The Book of Discipline states, “Housing provisions shall comply with Annual Conference housing policy and parsonage standards.” In order to establish a housing policy and housing standard the Annual Conference recommends three options available for the local church. The Annual Conference does not put one option above the other. The options are co-equal, depending upon the local situation.  The Charge Conference shall review the recommendations of the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee regarding provision of adequate housing for the pastor(s) of a local Charge in consultation with the District Superintendent, the Charge shall choose one of these three options.  Click here to view Parsonage Standards.

The chairperson of the committee on pastor-parish relations, the chairperson of the board of trustees, and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned parsonage to assure proper maintenance.  Click here to view a parsonage checklist.

About MS Word Forms
This year's forms are all in pdf. Some are fillable and some may not be. If you really need to have an MS Word version, please contact your district office.
If you save an MS Word form to your computer but can't type on it, try opening and typing on it before saving it. "Save as" a Word format compatible with your computer.
Troubleshooting & Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous Topics
This information is on the clergy compensation report form.
The 2017 AWF Annual Conference approved a minimum salary of $37,200 for all full-time appointed clergy for 2018.  
Each year, the Report of the Committee on Finance to the annual charge conference includes the question, "Have the financial records of the church and all its organizations been audited for the prior fiscal year?" Although the annual audit report does not need to be included with the other charge conference forms, it is required by the Discipline to be completed after the end of the year. Guidelines for handling of an accountability of funds can be found in the United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook and in Guidelines For Leading Your Congregation: FINANCE, available at, and The Local Church Audit Guide, available at
The Database and Online Reporting
Most charge conference reports can be TYPED ON on computer. ALL must be PRINTED once completed - except database entry work.
What do I do with the printed reports?  For 2017 the only annual charge conference reports to send the district office a week in advance will be the Pastor Compensation Report, the Report of the Pastor, and the Report of the Committee on Nominations. The original set (of all forms) is to have all signatures in place before the annual charge conference and handed to the district superintendent as he/she arrives at the annual meeting. Retain a copy for the local church office file. 
There are no FORMS for the local church to submit online; however, charge conference reporting is not considered complete until each local church updates the AWF Conference database concerning who their local church LAY leadership are, what positions they serve, the START DATE when each person's term begins, the END DATE for those who are rotating off, lay leadership's full contact information, and information about the local church itself (contact information, worship service times, Web page, etc.).  For more about updating the database see
What is "Online Reporting"?  In regard to charge conference, "online reporting" refers to logging into the Alabama-West Florida Conference database and updating the information shown for your local church. Your database page may also be referred to as the "Local Church Dashboard." No e-mailing is involved in the transmission of the information. This task is the responsibility of each local church, with limited exception. If you are unable to report online please notify the district office, (850) 434-0118. 
There are also online reports in the course of a year that are not related to the annual charge conference meeting. For information about these and their deadlines visit our Online Reports page at
For clarification of what needs to be updated see
If you need your User Name and Password to log into the database, please feel free to ask the district office, (850) 434-0118. We're here to help!

Questions Related to Charge Conference
(1) Click here for "How to Fill Out PDF Forms."
(2) Perhaps you need to download the latest PDF Reader? Click here to get the FREE and most current Adobe Reader.
(3) Perhaps your computer is set to not allow pop-ups? Check your internet options.
(4) Perhaps you need to allow more time for downloading? If you have slow internet, the Nominations form, especially, may take a few moments to load.
(5) Are you saving it in pdf format?  When you do "save-as," be sure that ".pdf" is at the end of the file name.
(6) If you are trying to type onto a pdf and it won't let you, it may not be a problem with your computer. Some pdfs are not "writeable."
(7) Perhaps you can use an alternate format of the same form?
(8) If you have questions or need to have the forms mailed or e-mailed to you please contact the district office, (850) 434-0118. 
 The Charge Conference Checklist is the agenda.
The forms are listed on the Checklist, plus Pensacola District requires the District Board of Church Development form.
 Where a form may ask for....
District - put that our district is Pensacola.
Conference - put that our conference is Alabama-West Florida.
AWFC church number - you can look it up here, beside your church name, on our About Us page.
For many of these forms, you will need the free Adobe Reader. Click here to get the FREE and most current Adobe Reader.
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