The Pensacola District of The United Methodist Church
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Annual Charge Conference Reports
Forms, instructions, and schedule change from year to year.
Do not staple any charge conference reports.
The district superintendent may require a copy of some forms in advance of the meeting.
Give the originals to the district superintendent at the charge conference in a mailing envelope.
Before the meeting begins, distribute the official Attendance Register form. Have attendees enter name and contact information.
For the charge conference meeting please provide a table for the district superintendent.
The AWF Conference will have a charge conference page but Pensacola District churches will need to be aware of instructions specific to the District.
Here's a charge conference form for Pensacola District (it won't be at the AWFC website): Board of Church Development Form - PDF / Word 
There are generic charge conference instructions and answers to FAQ at


Consultation Reports 

Deadline:  January 31 of each year

2018 consultation reports were not submitted online.

2018 downloads for Pensacola District:


PDF / MS Word - Letter to Chair of the Committee on Pastor-Parish Relations or Staff-Parish Relations
PDF / MS Word - Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Response
PDF / MS Word - Pastor Consultation Process
2018 Training Videos for Local Church Committees
Here are videos and transcripts that will help local churches train new and current Staff-Parish/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee members, Finance Committee members, and Trustees.  For audio-only podcast click here.  See also If your church doesn't have internet or it is slow, you can contact Luke Lucas at the AWF Conference Communications office and he can send downloadable files. You will need internet to access the files but you can play the files without internet. Luke can be reached at


Ezra Report / Annual Statistical Report

This report opens the first week in January and is to be completed online by Jan. 31.
After January 31 local churches are closed out of the annual report.
If it is after the deadline and your report needs editing contact your district office.
District offices have until the end of February to review and validate reports.
Enter data as early as possible! The closer the deadline, the more likely the report site is to slow down, stall out, and show error messages. That can happen if many churches across the denomination all "rush" the site at the last minute.  If the site will not let you enter your report, you may need to log out, close your browser, and try again later when traffic isn't as heavy.
Image goes here.


Color Codes for Answer Boxes

The Ezra report uses color codes for answer boxes. (See pictured here, left.)
Please note that questions with a PURPLE border denote figures that will go into the formula for determining apportionments, so double-check your answers - especially if you get a warning message!
Here are step-by-step instructions sent from the AWFC Office in 2017.
There is also a Church Guide and more under "Reports" after you log in.
Here are previous years' reports:
District Summary Reports: 2016-2017 / 2015-2016 /2014-2015 / 2013-2014 / 1998-2012
Please note that this worksheet lists all the questions - including some that only the AWF Conference Office can submit, which are questions 28-36. Those questions will not be shown on the actual report that each church completes. Beside each question is a description of what the question is asking. This is from the GCFA website, updated by GCFA 11/28/17.   If the link above does not work, look for it on GCFA's website at under the heading "Statistical Reports."  
Did you know?  Authorized personnel can view several years of their church's statistics through the GCFA database!  Simply log-in here and look under "Reports."
If you do not remember your password, you can go to the log-in page, click on the "Forgot Password" link, and enter your system user name and e-mail address.  If that matches what is in the system, a password will be sent to that e-mail address.  If you need assistance your district administrative assistant will be glad to help you. If you enter the wrong password more than 25 times the system will lock you out.  


Updating and Maintaining the Conference Database for Your Church

The Church Dashboard is the local church's portal to the AWF Conference database.
Each church has its own username and password for logging in.
The deadline to update info through the Dashboard is December 15.
Churches are also to update throughout the year as information changes.
To log in go to or click on this graphic -->.
  1. If a Dashboard shows persons serving on an expired class position, the Dashboard is not up to date. "Class" year denotes the year a term ends. Example: "Class of 2015" means that the terms ends in 2015.
  2. The end date for a position should not go beyond the class year. Example: the ending date for a "class of 2015" position would not be beyond December 31 of 2015, since "2015" denotes the year the term ended.
  3. If a person serves on a class and then is re-elected in a new class on the same committee, put the ending date on the first term (it will disappear from the Dashboard view) then enter the new term/position.
After you complete your update, go to the Church Leaders page and click "Let my District/Conference know I'm done."


For pdf instructions click here.

For video instructions click here.




If you do not have a password or do not remember your password please go to, or you can go to the log-in page and click on "Need help logging in." It will ask for your CHURCH e-mail address. If you're not sure what your church's e-mail address is, simply look at your church's Locator Page. (Click here to search for your Church Locator Page at the AWF Conference website.)  District offices do not have local church or clergy passwords but can help create a new one.  If you need a new login so that you can update the database, please contact your district office. The number for the Pensacola District Office is 850-434-0118.




If someone will no longer be serving in a position, enter an END date on that position for that person. 




To review and edit your church leaders' contact information, log in and look at the left column index for "Contacts." Click on the "Edit" button that is beside each listing.




If someone is no longer at your church, log in and look at the left column index for "Contacts." There is a "Remove from My Church" button at the end of each person's listing.


IMPORTANT: Church Treasurer Info - If your church has a new treasurer for the new year (even if this is already updated in the database!), please notify and send her the full contact information (including e-mail address) so that your new treasurer will receive important Fiscal Office correspondence/reports/e-mails in the new year. The Fiscal Office's Shelby financial system is not tied into the AWFC database, so if you do not inform them they will not know and your treasurer will not be in the correspondence loop. Thank you!


IMPORTANT: SPRC/PPRC Chairperson Info - Please make sure that your SPRC/PPRC chairperson is correctly listed in the database (with full contact information) by December 15. The contact information must have current address through which the SPR chairperson can receive instructions that may be sent about January's Consultation Reports.


*SPRC/PPRC stands for "Staff-Parish Relations Committee/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee."