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Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Annual Audit - Clickhere to see search results on this topic at the AWF Conference website.
Each year, the Report of the Committee on Finance to the annual charge conference includes the question, "Have the financial records of the church and all its organizations been audited for the prior fiscal year?" Although the annual audit report does not need to be included with the other charge conference forms, it is required by the Discipline to be completed after the end of the year. Guidelines for handling of an accountability of funds can be found in the United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook and in Guidelines For Leading Your Congregation: FINANCE, available at, and The Local Church Audit Guide, available at  
Articles of Incorporation, AWF Conference (Articles of Incorporation are required for  United Methodist Churches to renew tax exemption status.)
Background Checks - See "Background Check" at the AWF Conference
Book of Discipline -FREE search-and-read version
Book of Reports of the Alabama-West Florida Conference
These are large files and may take a few moments to download.
The Brochure of Reports was renamed Book of Reports in 2018.
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      Candidate Packets - See the Ministerial Services
 page at the AWF Conference website,  
Candidacy Program / Candidacy Process for Deacon, Elder, and Local Pastor
Candidacy - Is God Calling You to Ministry in The United Methodist Church?
Candidacy program application through the Pensacola District of The United Methodist Church
Request for Admission to the Ministry Candidacy Program.  The Pensacola District has a form for inquirers who have reached the step in which they wish to request, in writing, admission to the Ministry Candidacy Program. Please click here for the form and for additional information visit

Chaplain Resources
Church Policies, Forms, Cards & Pamphlets
 Sample solutions from national PAUMCS members is posted on our
(Examples:  Attendance Sheets, Building Use Policies, Guest Cards, Praise Team Guidelines, Prayer Cards, Prayer Shawl Pattern, Purchase Orders, Wedding Policies and MORE!)

Clergy Request to Serve Less Than Full Time - Visit
Communications Audit for Local Churches
In August 2015 the AWF Office of Communications published the "AWF Local Church Communications Audit." We invite you to download this easy-to-read document and use it as a resource to evaluate what tools you are using to share your story. Click here to download: 
Compensation for Pastors and Deacons of the Alabama-West Florida Conference
If the link has changed, search here at the AWF Conference website.
Connection, The (Alabama-West Florida Conference publication).
Click here for the latest copy of The Connection.
Consultation Packet - See
 The Consultation Packet includes Ministry Reflection, Profile, and Appointment Preference forms and are submitted online annually.

Course of Study / Licensing

Denman Award - Brochure, Clergy Nomination, Laity Nomination

Diaconal Ministers
At the time of this posting, the Alabama-West Florida Conference no longer publishes a clergy directory. If you wish to locate clergy of the conference, please visit
The Pensacola District Directory is not for public distribution. United Methodist clergy and staff can request a copy by
e-mail to the Pensacola District Office.
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Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
According to the website of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), all U.S. employers must complete and retain a Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens. We are advising all pastors under appointment to complete the I-9, but do not mail it to us. Keep a copy at the church where you serve. More information and the form are at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS website).
See also the right column (or do a search for the form) at    
Evaluations - Staff
See also
See also our
See also Resources page at
Extension Ministry
For the annual report see the download titled "The United Methodist Appointment to Extension Ministry" at
Ezra Report / Year-end Statistical Report - See our
Fund Balance Report / Financial Audit Report
- Several years' data generated from the GCFA Database/Ezra System
Journal of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference
Loans and Scholarships
Membership Audit - See
Our Amazing Connection - This booklet was renamed The Connection. Click here for the latest copy.  
Parsonage Standards and Checklist
Information on this topic is at the Alabama-West Florida Conference website at
The Book of Discipline states, “Housing provisions shall comply with Annual Conference housing policy and parsonage standards.” In order to establish a housing policy and housing standard the Annual Conference recommends three options available for the local church. The Annual Conference does not put one option above the other. The options are co-equal, depending upon the local situation.  The Charge Conference shall review the recommendations of the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee regarding provision of adequate housing for the pastor(s) of a local Charge in consultation with the District Superintendent, the Charge shall choose one of these three options.  Click here to view Parsonage Standards.
The chairperson of the committee on pastor-parish relations, the chairperson of the board of trustees, and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned parsonage to assure proper maintenance.  Click here to view a parsonage checklist.
Pastoral Transitions Guidelines - See this topic on our Directory of Resources page or Right Start page
Profile Forms / Profile Reports
For the local church/pastor profile reports done annually online by Staff-Parish chairpersons and pastors, please see our Reports page.
Profile Reports for Churches through GCFA/Ezra Report
Local churches can view several years' statistics through the GCFA database by logging into their year-end statistical report (aka Ezra Report). Click here to view the GCFA Church Summary for Pensacola District churches through 2011 (a 52-page pdf).
 Remittance Form
This is a document for churches to use when sending connectional giving funds to the AWF Conference Fiscal Office.
Download here - select format (revised 2013):  PDF /
Statistical Report -
Log-in here or look for the link at the website
(for Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties in Florida)
Year-end Statistical Report /Ezra Report - See our Online Reports page

Search for More Forms
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