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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Notes for Church Office Staff

Annual Conference Book of Reports
The Brochure of Reports was recently renamed the Book of Reports. You can download the 2018 book at the Pensacola District's Forms & Documents page.
Change in Clergy Information? Please Send Us This Form!
If you have a change in clergy appointment or personal information or you just want to be sure that we have the most current information on record, please send the completed Clergy File Information Form to the Pensacola District Office. Thank you!
Clergy Compensation Report Form Revised March 2018
If you have a change in clergy appointment or compensation, please send the district office a new completed Clergy Compensation Report Form (revised 2018). Thank you! (This original version was only given to district offices as an unfillable pdf. Please contact Belinda Carnegie at the AWFC Office ( if you need a fillable format.)
Change in Clergy Appointment or Compensation?
If your church has a change in clergy appointments or compensation send the district office a new Pastor Compensation Form.
If your clergy have a change in clergy appointment send the district office the Clergy File Information Form.
Our Partnership Regarding the AWF Conference Database
Each year, December 15 is the deadline for churches to update their church information (contact info, worship times, etc.) and lay leadership information in the AWF Conference database for the upcoming year.  Even after December it is important for local churches to keep their Dashboard (AWFC database) up to date.
If you have not looked at your Church Dashboard for awhile, please login and give it a good review. Compare your current church directory with what the database says your leaders' contact information is. Are your staff members' e-mail addresses correct? Are your chairpersons' e-mail addresses correct?  Are there any errors in mailing addresses? Is your Dashboard still showing people serving on class years that have already come and gone? (To roll those off, enter the date their term ended.)
Video and pdf instructions are available on the Pensacola District website at, or feel free to contact the Pensacola District Office for assistance. (Here is the video on how to update your leadership information.)
Event Promotion Guidelines (PDF)
(AWF-UMC 10/16/2017) - The Alabama-West Florida Conference cabinet and CORE team have approved new guidelines for promoting events in the conference. This will streamline how information is submitted, where events are promoted and also provides suggestions on how groups can help promote their events. The conference will be sending a survey in the coming weeks to better understand more about when, where and what people are interested in attending. Click here to review document.
Ministerial Candidates
If your church has new ministerial candidates, please have them visit
Other Items, In Brief:


Professional Information

For information about professional certification and national annual conferences of the Professional Association of United Methodist Church Secretaries (PAUMCS) visit
The following used to be on the Resources page at the PAUMCS website:
Attendance Pads
Glad You’re Here Attendance Card  
Attendance Register
Glad You’re Here Attendance Sheet  
Attendance Sheets
Information Sheet 1  
Bulletin Bead Necklace Information Sheet 2  
CONNECT Pad Used in Worship Information Sheet 3  
Fellowship Pad Prayer Card  
First-time Guest Card Visitor Welcome Pad  
Friendship Pad Wedding Policies & Forms Booklet  
  Welcome Sheet  

Tasks and Expectations

  • The Year-end Statistical Report, also known as "The Ezra Report," is completed and submitted online in January.  Churches have through January 31st to login, complete, and submit the report. Input is integrated with the database of the General Council on Finance and Administration. If you need a worksheet, you can print a blank copy of the questions while you are in the system, or our Reports page may provide a quick download link. When you are logged into the system, you can also print a description list of what each question is asking. Work on components of this report all year long, then in January start this report as soon as you can!  Not completing online reports as required may result in loss of clergy appointment. Waiting until the last minute is an unkind disservice to laity from whom you may need to request data for the report, and at the final hour they may be unavailable. When you hold up your District, you are also holding up the Conference. Details are at
  • Local Church Charge Conference Forms are done sometime between September and December. On this website's Forms page, look under "Charge Conference" for forms, instructions, and the date when your church's charge conference will meet. Closer to charge conference season, when the forms and instructions are ready, our Charge Conference page becomes visible in the left-margin site index.
  • Consultation Reports - For information about this topic visit
  • Conference Database - For information about this topic click here for our Reports page.
  • Support Connectional Efforts - The District and Conference need your support regarding the planning and announcing of events. Most people will not be aware of events outside their local church unless the events are publicized by their local church. When putting items on your church calendar and in your bulletins and newsletters, please refer to district and conference calendars and help us publicize events. In turn, we would also like to know about and help you publicize YOUR special events that would interest other Methodists outside your local church. You can submit items for the District Message Board by e-mailing the details to the district office, Click here for information on how to post events on the Conference calendar:
  • Keep "Find-a-Church" profile updated. Click here to find out how.  Pastors and Secretaries, remember to update your church’s “Find-a-Church” profile that is at’s Find-a-Church feature helps visitors find your church all through the year; however, what visitors see when they view your church’s self-updatable profile is up to you.  Find-a-Church does more than simply list your church’s address and phone number. Newly enhanced, it now offers the opportunity to list all of your church’s ministries, including event schedules, locations, and special notes. With easy-to-use templates that make entering and updating information a breeze, it’s never been easier to highlight your church’s programs and unique points of entry – from daycare to basketball leagues. Also available are opportunities to personally welcome visitors to your congregation, introduce your members, add details about your worship schedule, and link to your church’s Web site.   More than 35,000 United Methodist churches are listed in Find-a-Church, and it directs almost 300,000 people to local churches every month. Even more people will soon access Find-a-Church, as it is a key component of a new Web site featured in nationwide advertising for Rethink Church – the next evolution of The United Methodist Church’s Open Hearts advertising and welcoming campaign. Click here to find out how to update and enhance your church’s Find-a-Church profile.  If you have questions about updating your Find-a-Church information, contact United Methodist Communications at or 1-800-251-8140.  

Whatever report you send to the district office, keep a copy for your own file! 


Forms and Documents

The "Street Survival Guide" is a booklet of resources on how to help the needy.
For Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Florida: 
For the guide provided by the EscaRosa Coalition for the Homeless, look for the "Get Help" tab at
For Okaloosa and Walton Counties, Florida: 
At look for the First Call for Help Resource Guide.
(2015 update: the link for the MS Word Resource Guide is at
For record-keeping materials and certificates of baptist and membership, an excellence resource is Cokesbury Publishing House, now at Click here for Cokesbury's page about ordering membership certificates.
Membership and baptism information from the General Board of Discipleship:  (Updated 4/6/2016)
Membership Records and Forms Q&A
Click here for sample explanation of membership terms. (This is from 2014 Ezra statistical report system). Look for an updated version of this info sheet in the Ezra statistical report system or the current Book of Discipline.                   

Local Church Curriculum, Supplies


Church Software

(AWFUMC) - Need Church software?  Visit one of the sites below for church management software solutions:
ACS Technologies
Everlasting Business Solutions
Shelby Systems
Shepherd's Staff
The Software Library (Church Management Solutions)
Sage Software Nonprofit Solutions
Church Windows
Christian Computing Magazine
Agency Partners with Church Software Company 
(Posted 10/16/2017)

(GCFA) - Responding to inquiries from local churches about the need for church software to help manage church administrative functions, Church Windows, a leading provider of church management software, is the latest organization to partner with GCFA to support local church ministries. Details here

Conference Database

 For information please visit

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