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Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Ministry and Ministerial Services
Alabama-West Florida Conference Board of Ordained Ministry
Alabama-West Florida Conference Office of Ministerial Services
4719 Woodmere Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36106
Application to Request Admission to the Ministry Candidacy Program
Download here the Application to Request Admission to the Ministry Candidacy Program, which the Pensacola District asks of inquirers who have reached the step in which they wish to request, in writing, admission to the Ministry Candidacy Program. If you wish to e-mail rather than mail the packet, that is fine. E-mail to (the Pensacola District Office) and (Rev. Bob Bailey).  Browse this page to be aware of important requirements / events / deadlines.
Declaration of Candidacy for Ordained Ministry - Recommendation Forms (Version 12/10/2014)
Download Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Recommendation and Charge Conference Recommendation forms:   PDFMS Word.   
Steps to Becoming a Minister
Training, Prerequisites, and Deadlines
Licensing School
Licensing School 2017 was April 24 - May 1st at The Reef at Seahaven, 15191 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach FL 32413.  Click here for details. To attend licensing school you MUST be a certified candidate and have your District Superintendent's APPROVAL.  If you have any questions please contact Erika Glawson at the Alabama-West Florida Conference Office of Ministerial Services: 334-356-8014, toll-free 888-873-3127, or
The Right Start Workshop
The Right Start workshop is required for clergy receiving new pastoral appointments. The workshop for 2017 was May 11. Here was the calendar page.  This training is specifically designed to aid clergy as they complete ministry in their current setting and prepare to begin service in a new congregation. Continuing education credit (CEU) is available. For more information about this event visit or browse the AWFC calendar or contact Erika Glawson at the Alabama-West Florida Conference Office of Ministerial Services at 334-356-8014, toll-free 888-873-3127, or                         
The AWF Conference Candidacy Retreat
The January 20-21, 2017, AWFC Candidacy Retreat was held at Camp Beckwith, Fairhope, AL.  If you are interested in attending an AWF Conference Candidacy Retreat, contact your District Superintendent to begin the process.  For more information please contact Erika Glawson at the AWF Conference Office of Ministerial Services at or 334-356-8014 or toll-free number 888-873-3127.  The list of requirements for 2017 was not available at the time of this posting, but to attend the Candidacy Retreat in July 2015, candidates had to complete these items before June 1, 2015. If you need the list for 2017 please contact
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The Beginning Pastors Workshop
Click here for search results on this event at the AWFC website, or you can search for this event on the AWFC calendar.
All pastors taking their first appointment in the Alabama-West Florida Conference are required to attend "The Beginning Pastors Workshop." The workshop for 2017 was July 28-29 at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL. The calendar page was here. For more information contact the Alabama-West Florida Conference Department of Ministerial Services at (334) 356-8014 or toll-free (888) 873-3127.
Meetings of the Pensacola District Committee on Ministry (dCOM)
When Pensacola District Committee meetings are scheduled, announcement is posted here on our Officers page as well as on our Message Board.  As you go through the ministry process, keep a copy of ALL your documents. Every time you meet with the Committee on Ministry, bring all your paperwork with you. 
Commissioning and Ordination Requirements
For information about commissioning and ordination requirements, deadlines, and to download the required forms visit
"Interviews by Conference Board of Ministry for Provisional status are held once per year. District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) and District Superintendent recommendations must be in no later than November 1st and the interviews are in the next January or February. Pensacola dCOM interviews for provisional recommendation are held in August but no later than September. All this is done in this much advance because of the paperwork required for provisional." - Pensacola DCOM 11/01/2016
Important information for newly-appointed clergy is at
Course of Study and Licensing
Financial Assistance
For information about financial assistance please visit
There is information about the AWF Asbury Foundation at
There is scholarship/loan information at
GBHEM Offers Financial Planning Services for Certified Candidates
( 6/27/2017) - The Candidacy Office of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry has partnered with Wespath and EY (formerly Ernst & Young) to offer financial planning services to certified candidates for licensed and ordained ministry. The services will be offered at no cost to candidates upon certification by their district committees on ordained ministry. For more information visit
Online Resources about Ministry Within The United Methodist Church
There is such a vast wealth of knowledge available on these sites that you have to browse to appreciate:
News Bulletins / Resources / Updates 
  • About the District Committee on Ministry, candidate interviews, requirements, etc. - Download DCOM Handbook.
  • Certification Studies 
  • For Steps in the Candidacy Process for Deacon, Elder, and Local Pastor continue here. 
  • If you are a certified candidate attending seminary you are eligible for Ministerial Education Funds (MEF) from our conference. Just go to and download the Ministerial Education Fund application.  Students can also find known scholarship opportunities and conference policies concerning MEF in the Policies and Procedures Manual at the same website. Please note: If you received MEF monies last semester, it is your responsibility to see that your seminary registrar sends a verification of the number of hours being taken in the term in which you are currently enrolled to the Director of Ministerial Services for the Alabama West Florida Conference at or 888.873.3127.
  • Students who need financial help for college costs can apply online for United Methodist scholarships or loans. Students can also repay their loans online. Visit and click on the Loans and Scholarships button.  You can also find Student Scholarships and Loans information at
  • Course of Study:  Policy Effective June 1, 2011 -  The Alabama-West Florida Conference Board of Ordained Ministry adopted a policy that took effect June 1, 2011. The policy is found in our BOM Policies and Procedures manual found on the Board of Ordained Ministry webpage at   Here is the content of this new policy:
    • All local pastors will successfully complete the Basic Course of Study classes (319). 
    • The grading and attendance policy for the Alabama-West Florida Conference is as follows: 
      • If a Course of Study student does not show up for class without notice, he/she will be billed for the course cost paid by Ministerial Education Funds. If he/she does not pay the money owed, he/she will not receive any additional MEF funds until the bill is paid. 
      • If a Course of Study student receives an incomplete in a course, no additional MEF funds will be available to him/her until the course is successfully completed. 
      • If a Course of Study student receives a grade of D or F in a COS course, he/she must retake the course at his/her own expense.
      • In a Course of Study class, a grade of C or above is deemed successful completion and is required to receive credit for the courses from the AWF Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. June Jernigan, Director, AWFC Office of Ministerial Services.
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